4 Pay Per Click Management Tips for 2012

Like SEO and social media marketing, things are always changing in pay per click management. Just ask our pay per click guru Jerrold Burke, that guy knows his stuff… Here are a few insights into pay per click management in 2012.

1. If the Keyword Quality Score is Low, Look for Solutions

When you are selecting keywords to associate with an ad group you first select a range of keywords that make sense. However, in many cases, some of those keywords will have an extremely low-quality score. If this is the case, you should ask yourself if the keyword actually is relevant for your offering. If it’s not, then remove it. If you determine that it is relevant or important for your marketing efforts, try creating a new ad group for that keyword with focused ad copy. Also, if it’s a broad match keyword, try phrase or exact match instead.

Pay Per Click Management Tips 2012
Pay Per Click Management Tips 2012

2.  There is More than One Way to Target a Location

Location based marketing is all the rage right now because it allows you to refine your market. But there are really two ways to approach this.

Option 1: Select a Region

In AdWords you have the option to select the region within which you would like to target your ads. You can select cities or metros and can even draw out your targeting on a map.

Option 2: Regional Modified Keyword

You also have the option of simply using a regional modifier with the keyword, such as San Diego SEO Companyu.

You can also do a combination of both if you like…

If you select option 1 you are only marketing to people in that region; A great idea if you have a region-specific demographic you would like to promote a campaign to.

Now, if you select only option 2, you will be marketing to people who enter the location in their query. This is important because it could be people outside the region who are simply looking for keyword information from that region. All in all, it is important to evaluate both opportunities based on your vertical.

3. Impressions and Clicks Count for Squat

This is not entirely true because many businesses will use paid search to promote branding campaigns. But if your focus is conversions, then clicks and impressions don’t mean much. We will count inbound calls generated from paid search as conversions here too…

As a business owner, it is your duty, after an ample evaluation period, to take a hard look at the return on ad spend. How much are you getting in return for your spend on that keyword? If your conversion is worth $300 in profit, but it cost you $700 in clicks to get the business, you must fix the model. This doesn’t always mean getting out right away, but it does mean working on the account in some way to increase profitability.

4. Pay Search is Competitive

Pay per click on Google, Yahoo and Bing are competitive. To compete at the right level you really need someone, like Jerrold, who knows their stuff. Furthermore, it is tedious and hard work. It really makes sense to hire a smart person who is dedicated opposed to trying to take it on yourself and wasting a ton of time and money.

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