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Why Not Knowing About rel=“next” and rel=“prev” vs View All Could Hurt You

Why Not Knowing About rel= “next” and rel= “prev” vs. View All Could Hurt You Google is offering a new way to deal with paginated content on the web from an SEO best practices perspective. Previously many paginated pages would feature a rel=” canonical,” list pagination the meta title, or simply ignore the duplicate content errors in webmaster tools. The rel= “canonical” option was often chosen, as...
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Why the New Facebook Subscribe Button will Change How you Use Facebook

How the Facebook Subscribe Button will Alter Facebook For a long, while I thought that Twitter would be the one taking cues from Facebook, however, the exact opposite has happened. With the new Facebook Subscribe button, Facebook has taken one great leap toward making Twitter obsolete. Maybe. Subscribe buttons work in much the same way that Follows work on Twitter and are something that need...
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Are Likes Important? Facebook Engagement Statistics Just Released

Facebook engagement statistics can be hard to come by. Recently, Constant Contact released a studying listing the latest engagement information on Facebook. The result is some fascinating information. This data provided by Constant Contact was taken from 1,491 consumers age 18 or older in the United States through an online panel conducted by Research Now. Time Spent on Facebook 52% of Americans over the age...
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What is YouTube Creative Commons?

YouTube Creative Commons Looking to get wider distribution for your YouTube videos? Well Creative Commons is one way to do it, but there are some things you need to keep in mind. What is Creative Commons? First, what is Creative Commons? Creative Commons is video licensing option that can be selected within the YouTube interface. By choosing to allow Creative Commons you are giving eveyone on...
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Google Modifies How Internal Links are Viewed from Subdomains in Webmaster Tools

There have been many debates between search engine optimization experts on the value of subdomains vs. directory structure. But as a result of the new update to the way internal links are viewed from subdomains in webmaster tools, this conversation may drastically change. Background on Internal Links from Sudomains Prior to this update, links from subdomains to the parent website were seen as external links....
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