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The Secret to Making News Unique for SEO

Publishers have a big problem. They are writing on the same topic as thousands of others sites yet they want the content to be unique, rank well in Google and drive traffic. People hire SEO Inc. often to assist in Google News optimization, so we are not going to tell you everything in this blog post. But what we will do is share a video...
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Google Markup for Videos

Let’s face it; Google is complicated. Especially if you do not have a technical background. To get items ranked at the top of their index, they make you jump through hoop after hoop. But when fully considered, this is a good thing in a way, as it allows people with SEO know-how to beat out the competition. Of course, on the flip-side to get the...
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What are Rich Snippits? SEO Inc. Guide to Rich Snippits

What are rich snippits? Rich snippits are a new form of mark up that allow you to better dictate the information Google displays regarding your webpage. Right now, rich snippts are all the rage. Why? Well they are helping savvy Internet marketers display better data in search results. This allows them to increase CTRs and get more business to their website. There are variety of...
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