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How to Increase Your Plus Ones on Google Plus

How to Increase Plus Ones on Google + When Google Plus was launched, it became clear that it was a virtual blend of Facebook and Twitter, but with better features. With things like Circles and Hangouts, Google Plus has become an increasingly strong force in the social media world. In order to get the best results from Google Plus, you’ll want to take advantage of...
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The History of Google + [Infographic]

The History of Google + Today, millions of users have either heard of or have a Google + account.  But many may not know how it all started. Although it is a fairly young social media network when compared to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, Google + already has a rich history. June 28, 2011– Google + is in an “invitation-only” phase June 29, 2011– Existing...
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Google Disavow Links Tool is Here: Block Bad Links Now

Can you believe it! Google finally did something to support the search engine optimization community. That being, creating the new Google disavow links tool. This has been a heavily anticipated piece of functionality. Like many SEOs, our own VP Business Development / Director of Sales, has been talking about implementing this for at least the last 3 years. “I’m happy to see Google has finally...
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