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Selective Tweets

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail Twitter’s Selective Tweets With social media sites consistently growing in popularity, so does the time we spend updating them. And while connecting your Facebook to your Twitter site seems harmless enough, doing the opposite is quite… annoying.
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The Mobile Photo Sharing Revolution is Upon Us

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail Mobile Photo Sharing Revolution Comign Soon Don’t act like you haven’t noticed it, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Photobucket, (insert 150 other media sites) people are sharing photos everywhere. Photo sharing is literally taking over. In fact, Mashable recently predicted that mobile photo sharing will be one of the biggest things in 2011. I couldn’t agree more. But what do you need to know to...
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How to Rank for Google Base Shopping Results

Google Base, aka Google Product/Shopping Results, provides shoppers with an easy way to find what they want and compare prices. And with the Shopping results often out-ranking the product’s own brand, it is obvious why getting your products listed here should be a top priority of all sites with product to sell.
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Your Customers ARE Using Facebook

SocialHype and just came out with an infographic detailing just how obsessed the world is with Facebook. And chances are most of your customers probably DO use Facebook, and at least one of them is probably logged into Facebook right now as you’re reading this.
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How to Quickly Unfollow Old Twitter Accounts

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail How to Mass Unfollow Old Twitter Acconts If you have a sneaky suspicion that a great chunk of the people which you follow have remained Tweetless for some time, incapable of updating their accounts on a regular basis, then you might want to find a quick and efficient way to delete them. The answer to this problem lies in A site completely devoted...
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