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SEO Inc: Optimized Press Release Services

SEO Inc is now offering  SEO optimized press release service that enables companies to improve their visibility and online brand expansion while enhancing their overall search engine optimization campaign with high quality, one-way inbound links and the implementation of new, keyword-rich original content into their website. After performing extensive industry research and competitive analysis, our team of professional SEO writers will create a strategically optimized press release that promotes the unique marketing goals of the client.

With a reported 98 percent of journalists utilizing online news outlets such as Google News and Yahoo! News every day to discover news stories and companies to cover, press releases have become powerful marketing tools that enable companies to maintain a strong presence in all the avenues prospects frequent and increase exposure and online visibility of the company’s brand and website. A well-written, tactfully optimized press release has the added search engine optimization benefits of establishing keyword-rich, one-way inbound links from high quality news media outlets and providing a steady source of fresh, search engine friendly content that can be easily integrated into the company’s website.

“Our optimized press release service gets your press releases ranking at top of news search engines like Google News” said Garry Grant, CEO of SEO Inc. “We also track the coverage and syndication of your press release to help you reach your specific target audience. It’s all about getting your company in front of potential customers and journalists.”

SEO INC. PRESS RELEASE SERVICE: VISUALIZING YOUR AUDIENCE In order to ensure each client’s optimized press release is effective, SEO Inc.ss professional SEO copywriters take the time to research the client’s industry and competition and visualize the client’s targeted audience when considering content for the press release. SEO Inc.’s SEO copywriters thoughtfully select keywords that target the client’s key audience and write newsworthy, search engine friendly content that achieves a strategic balance between keyword density, link positioning, and relevant, original content.

RSS Feeds and a large partner network ensure that SEO Inc. press releases are widely distributed for maximum exposure. On average, SEO Inc.’s press releases generate 70,000 views per release, and are released to 100,000 different distribution points. After a press release has been distributed throughout SEO Inc.’s extensive partner network, SEO Inc. continues to track the results of the press release during the days following its release to make certain each press release generates positive publicity and enhanced online visibility for the client. SEO Inc. also provides marketing reports that detail the number of reads, estimated pickups, prints, forwards, and PDF downloads of the press release so clients can easily quantify and measure the ROI and overall success of each press release.

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