Off to the Races: SEO Inc. takes over K1 Speed in Carlsbad, CA.

SEO Inc takes Over K1 Speed in Carlsbad, CA

The smell of burning rubber and competition filled the air Thursday night as the team from SEO Inc. took to the track at K1 Speed in Carlsbad, CA. The trash-talking was at an all-time high as our motley crew entered the arena of the indoor kart racing emporium. “You’re going down,” was a statement thrown around liberally, and everyone seemed pretty confident in the fact that they were the best racer in the place. But when it came time to buckle into our carts and put the pedal to the metal, the real racers emerged.

SEO Inc at K1

The SEO Inc. crew lined up in pole positions ready to show each other and themselves what they were made of. When the startling lights went green, the race was on. Hairpin turns haunted some drivers while providing others with the ability to show off their fancy maneuvering. There were spin-outs galore and the every-so-often “friendly” bumping to let each other know who’s boss. The rubber was flying throughout the three races in which the SEO Inc team did battle. There was a healthy amount of taunting and an even healthier amount of rock and pop music filling the arena keeping us energized with pumping fists and motivation. (Editor’s note: They played Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball, and I thought that was an odd choice… “You wre-e-e-cked me! You… WRE-E-E-CKED ME!” Of course I wrecked after that and I immediately blamed Miley, But it really wasn’t her fault.)

When the dust settled and our bodies were bruised and sore from collisions and drifting around turns, it was time to take the podium.

Dalton, our Brand Specialist / Account Coordinator took home the bronze. Ryan, VP of Business Development came in with a silver. And it was James, our fearless CTO, that took gold.


Good race to all of those who took the wheel and drove their way into history. See you back out there soon.

Check out a video on the SEO Inc YouTube channel from our CEO’s helmet cam as he dominates the pack…. for a minute.

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