New SEO and Old SEO: You Play Nice.

New SEO and Old SEO

Old SEO and New SEO are terms flying around right now as there has been a great deal of talk about what is and isn’t “good” as far as SEO tactics are concerned. What once worked might not any longer. But it’s hard to change over night, even when Google pulls another plug and changes the game like that. And believe us, Google will change something again, whether it’s today, tonight, tomorrow, in two weeks, over the Summer, when you’re exchanging your vows, etc.

We came across this infographic from Positionly recently that gives a nice breakdown of where SEO was and where it is now as far as “good tactics” are concerned.

Position Infographic

As you can see, much has changed recently with the advent of algorithmic changes, what Google deems “bad,” and for what you can now be penalized.

Is this to say all work you’ve done to build your site’s reputation is for naught? Neigh. It does mean, however, you must reevaluate your future SEO tactics. You could start completely fresh, but if this means risking past relationships built within your industry, getting a new domain, rewriting your site completely and abandoning keyword focus, etc, think twice.

Old SEO and New SEO have to play off one another because without one, there can’t be the other. And honestly, new SEO shouldn’t be difficult. If you’re passionate about your business, you should want to engage with the Internet is a very real way, because it’s no longer a machine, but a human-generated content distribution platform with very real concerns and voices you need to befriend versus anger.

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