New Instagram Badge Ready to Rock

New Instagram Badges

Instagram recently made profiles public online. Before this, you could only access them via your good old Instagram application. Now that these profiles are public, there is something to link to! In the spirit of this, Instagram has just released a new badge to help brands promote their social profile on the site.

You can get your Instagram badge here.

New Instagram Badge
New Instagram Badge

The Instagram badges come in a variety of sizes, but only one standard blue color at this point. Once you select your badge, you will be presented with a piece of code to embed on your website. In most cases, you will see that websites add social profile buttons in the header, footer or in a slider on the side of the page.

Admittedly, Instagram is not for every business. Each social media website takes time to maintain. But if you are on Instagram, it is really a no brainer to incorporate this badge into your website. The more followers the better right!

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