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How to Moderate Facebook Comments

How to Moderate Facebook Comments: Updated! May 2nd, 2011

When this post was initially written it was much more difficult to moderate Facebook comments for those in charge of social media management. This information has been archived below. Now moderating Facebook comments is easy. Let us show you how!

How to Moderate Facebook Comments

Step 1: Log in to Facebook and navigate to your page

Step 2: Choose the Edit Page option in the upper right

moderate facebook comments edit page option
Step 3: Select “Your Settings”

Step 4: In the “Your Settings” are. Make sure you have checked the option to send email notifications.

your settings facebook moderation

Step 5: Set any advanced notification options you may desire by clicking the “View all email settings for your pages” link.

After you have completed these steps you will be sent email notifications each time your page is updated. You can also take this a step further if you like by modifying the options under the “Manage Permissions” tab. Perhaps the best way to moderate Facebook comments is to modify what the wall tab shows and alter posting abilities. You can also add items to the Facebook moderation block list. This will allow you to add certain terms that you would not like to have posted to your page. There is also a profanity blocklist which helps keep content clean.

moderate facebook manage permissions

There is still no way to actually moderate Facebook comments, in the sense that they are held until approval. While this is the case, Facebook has improved it’s moderation abilities. With these tools you should be able to control your Facebook comment moderation to a satisfactory level. Take a more extensive look at how to moderate Facebook comments on a business page here.

Archived Information: July 9, 2010. How users used to moderate Facebook Pages

Wouldn’t it be nice if you cold moderate comments on Facebook? Think how many issues that would resolve in the corporate world. You could just say to your CEO, “Hey man, its cool. I can review comments before they are posted.” Well I have bad news; you really can’t moderate Facebook comments. But there are a few little tricks to keep tabs on people interacting with your page.

Like a Comment on Facebook

If you want to subscribe to a particular thread, or comment on Facebook, simply add your own comment or “like” the post. If you like the post or leave a comment then you will be notified each time a new comment is posted. If you manage a corporate Facebook page this is a good idea because it will allow you to monitor each comment. So if someone says something negative you can jump in and respond or potentially delete it or mark the comment as spam.

Disabling Wall Posts on Facebook

If you want to go the super conservative route you can also simply disable wall post on Facebook. To do this log into your Facebook page and navigate to the “Wall Settings” area.

Moderate Facebook Comments

Once you are in wall settings click edit and a dropdown menu will appear.

Facebook Comments Settings

The menu will give you the following ways to moderate Facebook. You will be able to moderate who can write or post to your wall, you can also moderate who is allowed to post photos, videos and links.

So as of right now this is the only way you can moderate comments on Facebook. You can of course excessively check Facebook every few minutes too. But for your sanity, we suggest you either like the comments you want to follow or disable certain elements, especially if you have a large community.