See What Your Mobile Website is Missing – SEO Inc’s Post-Mobilegeddon Checklist

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Did you survive Mobilegeddon?

Google’s latest mobile update rolled out over two weeks ago in late April. However, not every mobile website has been re-indexed by Google’s crawlers — at least, not yet (Source: Search Engine Land).

This begs the question: Will your mobile website be able to deal with a real Mobilegeddon?

We at SEO Inc. have compiled a handy checklist of tools, tricks, and tips that are required to help your mobile website survive in a post-Mobilegeddon world. Check them out and see what you might be missing from your mobile-friendly arsenal:

  • Have you checked your site using Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool?
  • Is your mobile website design responsive?
  • Have you configured your mobile website for all devices (desktop, phone, tablet)?

And perhaps most important of all:

  • Have you talked to your SEO company?

Has Your Mobile Website Seen Changes Yet?

We haven’t seen drastic changes in rankings yet — but that could all change. Remember, Google’s update was not a gigantic update dropping onto the world; it featured a continuous roll-out of updates. Now that the update has finished, the search engine optimization world feels a little like we’re waiting for a real disaster to come upon us.

Indeed, some sites have already been seeing changes to their site’s mobile rankings. Some of the best mobile websites have even seen their rankings increase. But with Google holding the re-indexing over our heads, there’s not much you can do beyond what we’ve listed here.

What Happened to the “Real” Mobilegeddon?

The name “Mobilegeddon” alluded to a mobile update on a disaster-sized scale — only it never came. At least, not in the way it was imagined. What was thought of as a tidal wave of changes instead came as a steady drip. However, that “drip” may eventually grow into something you may have to worry about.

The flow of changes to your mobile site rankings has begun; are you prepared to deal with the changes?

If you fear a real mobile disaster, remember this: Mobile friendly web design and configuration are among the first things you should be looking into. These enhance user experience; mobile friendly websites that are easy to use and responsive will have a better chance than those that aren’t.

Make the changes to your mobile website and ensure better rankings. Or else Mobilegeddon will make the changes for you.

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