Mobile Ads and Everything You Need to Know About Them. [Infographic]

Are you considering mobile ads? If you’re looking to keep up with your consumers and competition, it’s probably a good idea. Mobile advertising is overtaking traditional advertising methods like print and broadcast, especially as audiences and business move more and more into the digital realm. It’s high time you got your mobile advertising plan in gear.

Mobile advertising is appealing to businesses across the board for a number of reasons. First off, consider how much a newspaper ad is. For a half-page ad in a national in 2014 (yes, updated figures), you’re looking at spending between $1,500 and $20,000 for set up of the ad alone. (Editor’s note: Take into account your advertising company’s budget too. Don Draper isn’t cheap.) Then there’s the extra cost of running the ad. Depending on where the ad is going to be seen, your wallet is looking to take quite a hit. Mobile advertising can quell these out-of-this-world expenses by offering more affordable, highly-targeted, and super efficient options for businesses. Also take into consideration that with mobile advertising, your ads will be seen. And they will be seen by the people you want to see it. Will advertising in a newspaper guarantee this? Who knows?

Mobile advertising also offers business and brands the opportunity to remain on the cutting edge of the advertising game while spending less time and effort getting their ads placed. Further, mobile ads can give a company all sorts of new insights into customers. With the data than can be collected from mobile advertising, bsuinesses are able to tune and tweak their ads to be absolutely perfect and targeted across the board. Better ads mean more conversions. More conversions means more money coming into a business.

Let’s face it, there’s no end in sight to the mobile revolution. We’re always on the go, and thanks to the advent of new technologies (smartphones, tablets, Google Glass, etc), we always will be. It’s up to businesses to adapt and cater their business plans to this growing sector of the purchasing demographic.

So, with this in mind, and with the mobile market growing like crazy every day, is your company ready to take your advertising mobile? If so, the below infographic will also show you everything you need to know about this. Get schooled on mobile advertising and understand why your brand needs it to survive.

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