The CEO Corner: Mending Kids International charity event | House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA | A Recap.

The CEO Corner: Kids International Charity Event | House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA 
CEO Corner with Garry Grant

What a weekend! Good morning, and happy Tuesday to all. Garry Grant here with another installment of The CEO Corner at SEO Inc.

This past Friday, 2/14/14, we were invited to attend and participate in an amazing charity event supporting the wonderful Mending Kids International organization. The event took place at the famed House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California. True to the City of Angels and the Strip, House of Blues was packed with A-List celebs there to show their support and help raise money for the cause. To start the event my daughter and I went over to the rehearsals for the show. It was then we meet the staff of the family. We were overwhelmed with emotion!  We got hugs, kisses and tears were flowing. I never felt an emotional charge like that and was proud to be in the group that raised and donated 1.7 million.  This night changed my life and I know our group changed the lives of many children and their families. Wahoo!

Making the night even that much more thrilling were the live performances. From Tom Jones,  and Natasha Bedingfield to Kenny Wayne Shephard, and the Brenna Whitaker Band, the crowd was delighted. However, when the rock n roll idols, KISS, took the stage, the House of Blues started to shake!

Enjoy some of our pictures from the night.

Garry Grant Red Carpet
Garry Grant: Ready for action.
VIP TIcket
All Access – VIP Status
Team SEO Inc
The SEO Inc. team
Mending Kids Red Carpet
Garry and Kim – Fun times
Dog the Bounty Hunter
SEO inc. team and Dog the Bounty Hunter
Garry Grant with Victor Ortiz and friend
Garry Grant with Victor Ortiz and friend
Penn Soundcheck
Penn getting the soundcheck going.
Nick Simmons
Kenny Wayne Shephard
Tom Jones
Gene Simmons - KISS
Gene Simmons – KISS
That’s all folks! GOODNIGHT!

We would like the thank all those involved with this event. The night was truly spectacular and all for such an amazing cause! We look forward very much to showing our support in the future to Mending Kids International.

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Garry Grant and the SEO Inc. family.

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