Isn’t it wonderful to have the internet at our finger tips? The technology environment is shifting on what seems to be a daily basis and the Y-generation takes to zeros and bits like ducks take to water. Search Engine Marketing knocks the socks off traditional media. So, as a result any company B2C or B2B needs to be ready with their marketing ammunition online. But why choose an integrated approach to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Integrated Internet Marketing Strategy

When someone is going through the buying process whether it is a company or a consumer the basic steps are the same. First there is motivation, a problem is recognized and the next step is doing an internal or external search. Internal search implies going off of what they know or have experienced, where external search means they seek out information outside of themselves. That’s when SEM comes into play!

By incorporating SEM a company is able to meet a specific need immediately when a website is probed by a search engine, but not so fast! The spiders and crawlers are not that philanthropic. Oh if it were only that easy! In order to take advantage of SEM, your overall internet marketing strategy needs to apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Let’s rewind and understand how an integrated approach can benefit your business and how to get the best results since it is not automatic.

  1. Consolidate SEO, PPC, and SMM under one umbrella – By utilizing one company you ensure that there is frequent interdepartmental communication (well you can’t ensure it, but any good SEM agency will make communication a priority, so remember to hold them accountable).
  2. Remember the advantage of SEM compared to other advertising is that you can be at the right place at the right time. Do not lose out on this opportunity! I can not stress this enough. If you have a beautiful website with a great product or service or even pride your offering as unique and in high demand, but do not use SEO, PPC and SMM collectively, your website will be lost in the internet abyss.
  3. Maximize your SEM presence – It is not enough just to do one element of SEM. If you have incorporated SEO (which entails much more than making your site readable by the search engines btw), but do not use PPC, you have knowingly or unknowingly shaved off a chunk of your target audience. It is impossible to appear in the top of the SERPs for all your terms; PPC is your presence savior in this instance and gives you the ability to measure results.
  4. PPC prospers when integrated with SEO Strategy – Some companies decide PPC is their SEM strategy, but what you don’t know can hurt you. Search engines have the ability to evaluate your landing page and influence your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid based on the relevance of the page. With SEO your page is more transparent and can have more authority which increases the quality of the page for PPC.
  5. Social Media Marketing is the icing on the cake -Think of SMM as support media to your online marketing mix. Start interacting with your target audience in those areas where they spend their time online. Inspiring your target audience beyond your product or service facilitates a relationship and potentially engages your audience on the internal level rather than the external. It’s money if they think of you first.

So all in all, an integrated approach to your online presence maximizes your SEM. Each element of SEM supports the other by filling in the gaps and providing you with a comprehensive holistic campaign strategy. Don’t go solo with one element, you will be expecting the results of an integrated approach and be left disappointed.

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