4 Location Based Social Media Sites to Watch

4 Location Based Social Media Sites to Keep an eye on

Are you familiar with location based social media sites? Well, there are quite a few of them out there. And while at the moment you may be thinking to yourself, “Who cares?” After you read this post you may have a very different sentiment.

Location based social media sites, and niche social media sites are coming on stronger than ever. Here are a few of the top ones to keep an eye on and a little insight into why they are important.

Now I would think that you have heard of Foursquare before, correct? It is probably the most notable social media location site. But did you know that it now has over 4 million users!?


The social media marketing implications of this site are really impressive. Not only can you add your location for free, but by doing so it entices Foursquare users in the area to visit your business. You can add incentive to this by making coupons and specials visible to Foursquare users. Pretty cool right?

Brightkite is another location based social media site gaining some traction. Now with over 2 million users, the site is similar to Twitter and Foursquare. You can add friends, upload pictures and comment. Overall, there is not much that really sets it apart from the rest. But the numbers are certainly there.brightkite

Foodspotting is a cool geolocation site which does wonders to recommend good food in the area. Imagine this… Say you are wandering around in a city you have never been to and you want something to eat. So you log on to Foodspotting and do a search based on the location. For example say you search for “San Diego.” The site will then display food which was spotted in the area like this:


You can see the type of food someone had and where they had it. This site has real potential, don’t you think? The numbers certainly seem to speak to this, Foodspotting now has over 400,000 users and they’ve only been in business for a little over a year.

Loopt has come a long way since it was founded in 2006. Loopt now has over 4 million users and has created partnerships with every known U.S. mobile phone carrier. You can use Loopt on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc. In its own words, Loopt lets you “Find out who’s around, what to do, and where to go.” Loopt integrates well with Facebook, as it lets you easily connect all of your friends.


Location based social media sites are increasing in popularity every day. Now with Facebook and Twitter offering location based technology, it seems that this area will only increase in importance. The main advantage it offers from a marketing angle is that it allows marketers to easily drive people to physical locations. While previously social media marketing was largely effective in stimulating traffic to websites, location based social sites are making it much easier to direct people online to a physical store. This advantage is incredibly exciting. And it is exactly for this reason that these sites will continue to grow and be analyzed for strategic marketing possibilities.

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