LinkedIn Introduces Company Status Feature

LinkedIn Introduces Company Status Feature

Today, LinkedIn announced a brand new feature, one we have been anticipating for some time, LinkedIn status updates for company pages. These new LinkedIn company status updates offer a world of new LinkedIn marketing potential and are sure to be an essential part of any company’s social media optimization best practices.

When asked what you can do with LinkedIn company pages status updates, LinkedIn offered the following information.

What can you do with Status Updates?

  • Post updates directly from your company overview page.
  • Share company announcements, product releases, promotions, and other news.
  • Engage directly with your followers and possibly their entire network.
  • Optimize the conversation by seeing which updates are most engaging.

LinkedIn offered the following video on the new feature:

This new feature will allow companies to gain more mindshare from followers. LinkedIn company page administrators can use the status update feature to share announcements, promotions, news articles, and videos. The updates will appear on the followers home pages. Followers will be able to like, comment on, or share updates. These updates will also be searchable on LinkedIn, and if someone interacts with one of your LinkedIn posts that personal connections will see it.

Now you know, so get on LinkedIn and start posting!

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