Is Twitters Growth Limited by Character Count?

Will Twitter be Held Back by Their Character Count?
Will Twitter be Held Back by Their Character Count?

Is Twitter Limited by Character Count?

One of the draws of Twitter is its appeal from a micro blogging perspective, i.e., in order to create a post you don’t have to write too much, just 140 characters. But could it be that this short term advantage could be a long term failure?

What other successful sites online have a word count this short? Not many…

While this is true, there are other character limited communication mediums on the market which are successful. Text Messaging only allows a limited amount of characters on many phones for instance. Additionally, some Instant Messaging software limits character count. But overall, it seems that the best software, platforms, social media sites, etc. are unlimited in their capabilities, not constrained by tight word counts.

So why not create an expandable box? Or an option to create an extended blogging area on Twitter? Any way to add more information to Twitter will bring value to the site in the long run. Also, along these same lines it seems that Twitter just plain has a lack of features. I know this is opening up another subject entirely but I’m going to do it anyway…

So I ask you this, is Twitters success limited by its character count? Is Twitter limited by its hesitance to add new features and increase its offerings? What are they waiting for? Or is this the best it will get? And if this is the best it’s ever going to get, is this enough for long term success?

Tells us your thoughts below.

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