Google AdWords Losing it’s Edge?

Let’s forget about organic search engine optimization for a moment and talk about Pay Per Click marketing. When you think Pay Per Click management, your mind probably thinks of the sponsored links on a Google search page. Mine does. After all, Google has been my preferred search engine for years now and my first online marketing class in college focused on setting up Google Adwords accounts. It makes sense to use Google for your paid search engine marketing needs. 80% of search traffic comes from there. However, most successful campaigns learn to optimize for the big three search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

I’ve been surprised by the amount of conversions that can come through Yahoo and MSN. Because everyone is competing for words on Google, bids are almost always lower on the other two. Neither receives the amount of impressions, clicks, or conversions that Google does, but you would be surprised at how high the conversion rate can be, especially when comparing it to how little you have spent.

Many paid search campaigns relating to seniors and the elderly seem to be successful with Yahoo and MSN. I have my own theory to go with this: I think Generation X and younger are more familiar with Google. Older generations probably stick with search engines that they were first introduced to like Yahoo. New computers usually have the home page set for MSN and most people never bother to change it from there.

Before coming to work at SEO Inc. I only focused on Google Adwords. But because , I’ve come to understand how important and efficient having campaigns in all of them can be. What do you think? Is Google AdWords Losing it’s Edge?

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