Is CircleMe Going to be the Next Big Thing?

CircleMe is a new social network that is generating quite a buzz online. Like Facebook, you can specify the things you like or are interested in, but the difference is that CircleMe allows you to aggragate content surrounding these links and interests. In addition, it lets you connect with others who have the same passion as you.

According to CircleMe, this is what they are all about.

Track, share and engage
with all your likes in one place.

• Collect all the things you already love
• See and post new stories about your likes
• Share with friends and like-minded people
• Plan to-do’s around your interests

Watch a Video on CircleMe

CircleMe is an incredibly exciting concept. In a way, it is similar to what Facebook is currently trying to achieve in their new update which is just about to be released. Facebook is moving away from just offering the ability to Like content. Facebook is also working on the content creation concept as well, however, they are generating the content through the form of third party applications. It would appear that CircleMe content will be user generated and user organized.

CircleMe is still in beta and is only available to a small private audience. While this is the case, this is definitely one to watch. If this site gains traction it may not only have potential for simple user entertainment, it might bring a new way to generate traffic and a new form of off-site content optimization into the mix. Furthermore, with the demographic information that will be supplied as a result of signing up it will offer valuable advertising specifications. As a final sidenote, this online industry shift towards likes and interests based advertising has created higher conversions and more relevant ads. Ultimately, this is the future of online ad spend. It would appear that CircleMe is aware of this concept as it is the foundation of their website.

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