Invest in Social Media Management not Automated Platforms

Invest in Social Media Management and not Automated Platforms

Many companies understand the importance of social media integration within their internet marketing strategy, but they may not understand the need for social media management, either they think it’s not within their budget or that it’s a simple D-I-Y project.  Of course they can easily create a Facebook Fan Page, a Google Plus Business Page, a Twitter profile and a YouTube Channel to name a few, but more often then not these profiles are created with the minimum information required and left stagnant, which can actually harm a company’s online presence.

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Let’s take Twitter for example, sure it’s easy to set up a profile.  You just have to enter your business’ name to create a Twitter handle, upload a profile photo or company logo, write a few words about the company and add a link to the website and voila, you have a Twitter!  Sounds simple enough, but there’s much  more to it.  Having a Twitter profile requires proactive engagement within the online community, interaction with your followers, and frequent “tweets” about your company, news within the industry and information that your followers would want to know more about all while using the Twitter language and following the social media trends.

Those who still think they can handle this alone may choose to install an online platform that automates tweets for them, such as Tweet Adder. These services were developed to make social profiles, such as Twitter more convenient and easier to use, but they shouldn’t act as a replacement for normal organic social media management.  And although there are positive aspects to platforms like these with it also comes the cons.

Cons to Twitter Automation:

  • Not all automation is good.  Programs tend to devalue your online profile.  There is no “love” so to speak behind the posts or tweets.  It doesn’t look natural and you fall short of your social media purpose.
  • Out-o-matic, Out-o-mind. When you install an automatic platform the program begins running your Twitter page for you.  Your personal involvement decreases because you probably have so many other day-to-day activities to tend to.  You begin to schedule tweets that may pose irrelevant at time of tweet and turn stale without interaction.
  • Tweet overload.  Using an automated service gives you the opportunity to tweet every 10-15 minutes or as often as you want, but taking advantage of that can be harmful.  Tweeting too much won’t gain more followers and you may be annoying the community with your information overload.
  • Bad for business.  An automated service tends to promote bad business practices. You may be using it to lighten your workload, but these services are often times used incorrectly, cause spammy content, and can get you kicked off Twitter.

In short, to Tweet or not to Tweet, that is the question.  Yes! Tweet, tweet to your hearts content of 140 characters or less, but we strongly recommend the addition of social media management within your internet marketing strategy and employ a social media management service. Hey we do that!!  SEO, Inc.’s Social Media Analysts and Strategists ensure that you have qualified social media experts (like me) to manage your social profiles.  This keeps your profile, i.e. Twitter, fresh and organic, builds your community, helps feed traffic to other pages, and shows you results, with graphs and charts.

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So now that you understand the importance of Social Media Marketing and you’ve secured your social profiles, it’s time to hire management services and we can help. Let’s face it Humans Do it Better!

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