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Introducing the new Firefox 4!

Firefox 4 is now here! Mozilla has just launched it’s newest verision of Firefox, Firefox 4. This new version of Firefox promises to be faster, smarter and provide better user interface flexibility than previous versions of Firefox. It was downloaded 5 million times in the first 24 hours, pretty impressive.

Major Changes in Firefox 4

There are some major changes in the new version of Firefox. First off, tabs will be located on the top above the search bar. This is similar to Opera and Chrome. There is also the ability to create an App Tab. Basically, you can right click on any tab and turn it into an “App Tab.” This will result in these “App Tabs” remaining static while still allowing you to click through the other tabs.

Another really cool aspect of Firefox 4 is that you can switch from tab to tab via the search bar. So for example, say you have a tab open for and then you search for search engine optimization company. Firefox 4 will suggest you open the tab for SEO Inc. This will really help all you people who like to work with 20 tabs open at one time.

Overall, the general feedback fro Firefox 4 is that it is light, quick and an excellent improvement. It looks like those 10 beta test paid off!

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