Instagram Introduces Video

Introducing Instagram Video

Instagram, the long time app of choice for fashionistas, foodies, and selfie-lovers, has officially announced new video capabilities. This major update to Instagram adds a new level of depth to the popular photo app, along with new filters, image stabilization, and Cinema Mode. Read on to find out more.

Instagram’s success is based in its social sharing. Everyone likes taking pictures, but people love sharing those pictures even more. Now, Instagram has upped their game, possibly in response to Twitter’s Vine, with the new Cinema Mode.

Version 4.0 won’t look significantly different than the previous version, because the makers of Instagram wanted to Instagram Videokeep the interface simplistic. However, users will now have a still camera or video camera option instead of simply the still camera.  Instagram’s 130 million users can now share three- to 15-second videos that seamlessly integrate into the photo stream. The videos will automatically begin playing, but only after a user stops scrolling and sound will be included automatically as well.  Users will also be especially pleased to see 13 new filters added to the lineup, which can be applied directly to the video.

The biggest addition to the update is Cinema Mode. The image stabilization makes sure that video isn’t shaky, even when walking or moving around, something that Vine doesn’t provide. Though Cinema Mode is only available on iPhone for the moment, that will probably change in the future.

Some may worry that adding video to the Instagram experience may slow things down, but the founders of Instagram assure users that the app is optimized for speed and quality. Sharing the photos and videos will be very much the same, keeping Instagram’s signature social touch.

Instagram 4.0 invites users to connect on a whole new level by adding video. The founder of Instagram was quoted as saying, “Instagram not only is about lattes, babies, cute dogs… It’s also about these moments in the world that let you peer in to understand different cultures…”

Test out the new update for yourself, available on the Apple App Store today.

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