Insight from ad:tech 2011

ad:tech 2011

For those of you who follow the SEO Inc. blog and Facebook page you know that we went to ad:tech. We were working the booth for the majority of the show, but we did get a chance to walk around and scope the scene. Here is some insight from the conversations I had while at the show.

In picture: John E Lincoln, Dir SEO Consulting & Social, Brad Lipschultz, COO and the lucky winner of the surfboard drawing! Congrads on winner the board!
In picture: John E Lincoln, Dir SEO Consulting and Social, Brad Lipschultz, COO and the lucky winner of the surfboard drawing! Congrats on winning the board!

Our Service Offering is Unique
Don’t worry. I am not going to turn this post into a sales pitch. But one thing that I did notice is that our SEO and social media methodology is unique. No one really does it quite like us. Our solutions are not cookie cutter, they are customized and we ensure the client gets services that will help them market their business online. I was really happy to see this, and was frankly proud of how well our services look in comparison to the other offerings out there. Each person who came to our booth was impressed by the innovative services we offer and the processes we have in place to deliver these services. I think it all comes down to the fact that many of the other companies who are offering SEO and social media marketing services are new. We have been refining our services and procedures over a period of 13 years, so we definitely have a leg up on the competition.

Video is Hot Right Now
The general consensus in the industry is that video is going to be the next big thing. (I actually wrote on this a while back. Read more on the future of online multimedia). I heard this same concept relayed by multiple people, but I think it hit me the hardest when it was commented on by Mr. Paul Botto, former head of Google Analytics Sales and Enterprise at Google. I had the pleasure of sitting and talking with Paul for quite some time on the flight from San Diego to San Francisco. While I won’t go into specifics as to who said what, the basic idea is that T.V. advertising dollars are shifting to online video advertising dollars fast. So now is the time to jump in. In addition, video tracking and overall advances in online video analytics are accelerating at a rapid rate. With this new ability to deliver qualified data on video engagement the medium gains value and more advertisers jump in

Social Media Marketing is Becoming Better and More ROI Focused
Social media marketing is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. People want it, they see the value, they want to spend money on it, etc. The big issue has always been delivering solid ROI, but now it would seem that problem is close to being solved. First, let me make a quick point. We qualify social media marketing as a service primarily because we use it to benefit SEO, build communities to market to, and run individual viral campaigns which deliver ROI. The third aspect is the one we are addressing here; essentially, we can now run more social media campaigns, of variable size, with new tools that have a greater focus on ROI. I am excited to talk to our clients about these new possibilities.

Affiliates are Getting Better but Struggling
For those of you who have been to ad:tech you know that it has a large affiliate and SEM demographic. Let’s focus on the affiliates first. The general consensus seems to be that affiliate marketing is becoming more competitive, the customers, both B2B and B2C, being marketed to are getting smarter and overall it’s just getting a little harder to make a buck. There are some new services out there pushing hard, and people are still launching new affiliate campaigns everyday on the company side, but many of the affiliate marketers in general seemed to be a bit unsure of the future. Especially with the new updates being made continually by Google.

Paid Search is Getting Smarter
Between advances in Google DoubleClick, increased options in re-targeting, development of secret and exclusive ad networks and just overall improvements in tracking, paid search is getting smarter. Advertisers now have the ability to better track time to conversion, multisite conversion paths and device patterns. Overall, it is really exciting to see this innovation which is absolutely necessary to combat the market saturation we have experienced in basic PPC.

Overall ad:tech 2011 in San Francisco was great. We were happy to hand out a surfboard to a lucky raffle winner, we saw a few cool new services, and met some amazing online business owners which we are excited to provide services for. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello to the SEO Inc. team.

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