Infographic: The Rise of Facebook. The steadiness of Google+. The drop-off of Yahoo.

The Rise of Facebook. The steadiness of Google +. The drop-off of Yahoo.

Is Facebook dying off? Will the social media behemoth continue to carry its weight and dominate almost all other social outlets across the board? Or will it, in time, evolve into a more niche environment? Basically, what i am asking is, do you think businesses on Facebook will continue to be a viable form of customer interaction in the years to come? Who knows. We all have our own opinions, and if opinions teach us anything it’s that we are all correct 100% of the time according to us.

That aside, let’s take a look at a new infographic published by consumer-management experts, Gigya. In the company’s latest report, their reports found that Facebook remained strong and even grew as a social network, our little triumphant scamp, Google Plus held steady, and poor Yahoo just kept plummeting down, down, down.

“In the fourth quarter of 2013, Gigya saw Facebook make strides in the war for identity, as it regained a sizable share of logins in a number of industry verticals and regions,” Gigya wrote. “In the first quarter of 2014, this trend continued, with the world’s largest social network seizing more than 51 percent of social logins in North America for the first time in three previous quarters. In the first quarter, we also saw Yahoo continue losing its share of logins in almost every single vertical and region — a trend that mirrors the company’s recent move to eliminate Facebook and Google/Google Plus logins from Yahoo properties. Google/Google Plus held onto a solid percentage of logins, as well, and made gains in mobile logins — a trend we expect to continue as Google works to seamlessly integrate Google/Google Plus identity into native Android devices.”

Check out the below infographic for a detailed look at the findings and what happened in the social landscape.

Gigya Social Login infographicQ12014
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