Infographic: Pinterest Image Optimization

Pinterest Image Optimization

Welcome to the magical world of Pinterest. Oh you’ve been here for awhile already? Gotchya. Well then, enjoy your continued magical experience on the world of Pinterest.

Oh Pinterest. Where would we be without you? Who would plan our weddings? Who would inspire us to try insane recipes that ultimately will go south? Where would one go for tattoo ideas if not to your magical boards? Why would anyone get up in the morning without the promise of creating a pin board of dreams, hopes, ideas, and cupcakes? All jesting aside, Pinterest, you’ve been a helluva social media network, connecting people near and far through shared interests and inspirations including recipes, travel destinations, art, cars, tech, music, and the list goes on. So, thank you, for all you’ve done an dhow many lives you’ve changed.

But wait. Just wait right there a second. With the huge database of users currently pinning images like it’s going out of style, how is one to separate themselves from the pack when they want to? Small businesses and brands of all sizes need to make sure their images are seen, and there’s a science to it. Did you know that? (Editor’s note: Okay. Enough with the question form of blog entry…) Below is an infographic that explains the sweet science behind optimizing your pins.

Pinterest Image Optimization via

Pinterest Image Optimization

Get it? Got it? Good.

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