How to Verify if a user Likes your Facebook Business Page

How to Verify user Likes on Facebook Business Page

Verifying if someone is a fan of your page on Facebook can be more exhausting than you think. Sure, you can scroll through your list of likes, 50 at time. But what happens if your Facebook fan page has 20,000 fans, or even 100,000 fans? As many of the SEO Inc. clients do.

Facebook Like

Well, I am sorry to tell you that as of right now Facebook does not have an easy way of verifying whether someone is your fan or not (at least not when certain circumstances are present). Because of this, we must think outside the box in two cases, when profiles are private and when communities are too large to confirm using basic Facebook functions. When one of these situations is present, here are some ways you can confirm a Facebook fan.

Simply Search the Page

One option is to open up your entire list of Facebook likes for your page and then hit control F. Once the search box pops up you can add the name of the person you are trying to verify and hit search. The page will then be searched until the particular fan/like is found. The downside to this method is that you need to reveal the full list of fans for them all to be crawled. This can take time, as Facebook only lets you reveal 50 fans at a time. For really large communities this solution simply does not work.

JavaScript Chrome Function

A whiz kid noticed this issue and decided to create a piece of code that automatically searches the Facebook fan page likes. To utilize this piece of code, you must paste it in your browser while you are on your Facebook page. You can read the full list of steps regarding this method here. However, this option does take a great deal of time and often fails technically. While this is the case, some people have found value in this automated searching system. We have tested it and found it to work, but to be very slow. Because of this, there is usually a better option.

Ask the Fan/Like to Leave a Comment on Your Wall

One surefire way to verify if someone is a fan is to ask them to leave a comment on your wall. As of right now, only fans can leave comments on Facebook business pages. If a fan can leave a comment on your wall you can be sure that they are an actual fan of the page. Make sure you have fan comments enabled if you are going to use this option.

Ask the Fan/Like to Tag a Photo

Another option is to ask a fan to tag a photo. Only fans of a page can tag themselves in photos, so this is another good option for verification.

Other ideas

• Friend the fan using a friend profile to verify.

• Request the fan take a screen-shot of the pages they like.

The main verification issues occur when user profiles are not public or large communities exist. If this is the case it can be difficult to verify if someone likes your page. In the case that this relates to a contest, it is better to ensure you have a like tracking system in place before you run the contest. That way you do not run into this issue.

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