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How to Update Fans on Facebook

Although it is a fairly easy feature to use, many social media marketers fail to use the Update Fans feature on Facebook. This video covers how to update fans on Facebook which is a basic social media management best practice. It also gives insight on when to update fans and how to segment your updates based on age, sex and location. As Facebook becomes more and more ingrained in our marketing, Facebook updates could very well become the next email newsletter. In case you do not have time for all the insight the video offers, here are step by step instructions on how to update fans on Facebook.

How to Update Fans from a Facebook Business Page

  • Step 1: Click Edit Page in Upper Right
  • Step 2: Click on the Marketing tab
  • Step 3: Select Send an Update
  • Step 4: Choose your Audience/ Add your Title and Message
  • Step 5: Click Send

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