How to Run Facebook Ads: Five Things to Consider when Deciding to Run Facebook Ads

If your company has found itself in need of more online engagement, Facebook Ads can be a valuable route to take. Facebook ads are a great and affordable way to meet a variety of online objectives for your company. Even if your brand does not have a Facebook page, you can still use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website, bump up the number of app downloads and increase app engagement.

When deciding to create and run ads on Facebook, there are several factors to take into consideration including your company’s objective(s), the number of ads you will need, the design of the ads, your target audience, and your budget and time frame.

Objective of Facebook Ads

Before beginning the ad creation process you must consider what you objective(s) are. You will be creating a separate campaign for each objective. Your objective should be something you want people to do such as downloading an app or liking your page. If you don’t know what your objective is, then it will be difficult to create an accurately targeted ad.

To set up a Facebook ad, go to their Ad creation homepage and click the green “Create an Ad” button in the top left corner of the page.  You will then be prompted to choose what objective you are looking to reach.

Facebook Ad Objectives

You will be creating separate ads for each objective you have. This allows for better targeting and ad development.

Number of Facebook Ads

If you are looking to manage a large number of ads at once, Facebook recommends using their Power Editor. Power Editor is to be used for bulk ad creation and management.

In Power Editor, Facebook ads are developed through campaigns. Each campaign has one objective. Within those objectives are ad sets. These ad set are specific target audiences you wish to reach within that one objective. Each ad set then can have multiple ads created for it. These ads can have different images, text and design.

How to Post Facebook Ads

If you are not looking to create hundreds of ads at once, using Facebook’s ad creation tool is best.

Facebook Ad Design


  • You can chose up to six images and see which ad images work best
  • Recommended image size is 1200×444 pixels
  • The image itself can’t have more than 20% text if you want it to appear in a News Feed

Facebook Ads


Once you have selected images, you can add your text. You have a character limit to ensure the ad appears properly as a news feed a, right column and mobile ad. This is the place to put the most important information about your brand for a user to see.

Facebook Ads

Once you have added pictures and text, you are able to preview your ad in all its formats.

Determining Your Target Audience

Once you have created your ad, you must now determine who your audience is. Thing to consider when creating your ads are age, gender, locations, preference.  The more specific you are the less potential reach you have, but you only want to include those people that are actually potential customers. For example, leaving the age 13 years old and older will give you a large potential reach, but if you are marketing to only college students, then you are showing your ad to people who aren’t going to care about what you are advertising.

There is a variety of filters you can apply to create the best target audience for your ad:

Custom Audience: Emails, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or app user IDs can be used to create and save audiences you’d like to show your ads to.

Location, Age, Gender and Language: The basic demographics of the audience you want to reach.

Interests: Specific interests that are important to your audience. These are determined by what people are connected to on Facebook, such as Pages and apps.

Behaviors: Select people based on purchase behaviors or intents, device usage and more. These behaviors are determined by what people are connected to on Facebook, such as Pages and apps.

More Categories: Select people based on any Facebook or partner categories you’ve requested access to. Keep in mind that some data is only available to advertisers in the U.S.

Connections: Select your audience based on whether or not they’re connected to any of your Pages, apps or events. Anyone who has a friend connected to what you’re advertising will see their friend included in your ad. This can increase the likelihood that they’ll find your ad relevant enough to click on or engage with it.

Facebook Ads

Budget & Time Frame

Facebook Ads offer several options for your ad’s run time and cost. You have the option of picking a per-day budget or a lifetime budget. You also can set your ad to run continuously or pick a set start and end day. These options are helpful when you a have a specific promotion you are looking to advertise. Facebook will list a total as well so you know exactly how much you are spending. You also can set a campaign spending limit which allows you to list the total amount that can be spent on the whole campaign. This allows for you ads to stop running once that cost is reached.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be a great alternative to traditional paid search, but it important to know what your objective is and who your audience is. By clearly defining who you are reaching out to and what you want the result to be, you are able to more clearly create an ad that will give you the best results. Whether it’s one temporary ad or hundreds of continuous ads, Facebook ads give you the freedom and ability to manage our brand in a clear and concise way.

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