We love organic search engine optimization here at SEO Inc., but we’re also well known for our social media knowledge. Running a good social media campaign can be difficult. When you are learning how to run new social media campaign these are the things to keep in mind.

How to Run a Social Media Campaign

The Challenge
Every good social media campaign needs to have a challenge. For instance, maybe you want your fans/followers to upload a photo of themselves or create a video stating why they should win the prize. The challenge is what you request from the community/contestants in order to play the game.

The Rules
All good social media campaigns need to have rules. What must occur for this to be a legitimate and reputable business marketing campaign? Do you need to make sure the content being submitted is clean? Should the video be a certain length? Does the video need to be created within a certain budget? Do you have to live in the United States to enter? Make sure these things are laid out before you announce the project. I always make it a rule that the user has to follow you on Twitter or be a fan on Facebook to play the game; this is a great way to build your community base. This idea also ties into the benefit section mentioned below.

The Benefit for the Campaign Creator
When creating the campaign it is important to make sure it will have a quantifiable, positive ROI for the campaign creator. Before the campaign is created ask yourself, is the payoff worth the effort? If it is not you need to rethink your campaign, if it is then start firing off those press releases, T.V. commercials and web ads, because it’s game on!

The Benefit for the Contestants
Let’s face it, no one is going to pay any attention to your social campaign if there is nothing in it for them. For instance, if you are only handing out $10 worth of goods in exchange for someone submitting a video then you are most likely not going to get many submissions. Make sure the benefit for the contestants is worthwhile. As with everything in this world, you get what you give. The same concept applies to social media, and search engine optimization for that matter…

The Promotional Strategy
No one will notice your campaign if you do not promote it. The key to making any good campaign pay off is to promote, promote, promote!! I cannot stress this enough. If you do not promote your campaign it will fall flat. Make sure you are doing everything you need to get the word out. And when you are creating your advertising budget for the campaign make sure you tie it back into your ROI. The amount you are paying for promotion, campaign costs and all other expenses should not exceed the projected benefit, as with any good investment.

Social media campaigns are a lot of fun to run; they also take a lot of work. Make sure you thoroughly consider all of the elements of the campaign before you engage. Also, make sure the campaign will provide your company with a valuable return.

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