Infographic: How to Remove Embarrassing Photos from Social Media

Infographic: Remove Embarrassing Photos from Social Media

Let’s face it: The Internet is not going anywhere. Not like this was ever really a question, and sure the Internet as we know it today will probably look vastly different in 5 years, just the same as it has evolved over the course of its rich and interesting history.

The Internet has given way to amazing advancements: Connectability, freedom of information, having the entire world at your fingertips, and of course, Social Media. While these advancements are, for the most part, seen as improvements to our lives, Social Media has also lead us down the path of oversharing and thinking everyone everywhere needs to know everything we’re doing at any given time. And, if you or your company is active on Social Media, you understand the sheer power it has. And we can bet dollars to donuts that there are things that you wish you could take back, erase, undo, CTRL+ALT+DELETE if you could.

If you’ve taken all careful measures to make sure what you’ve posted is either private or SFW (safe for work) or both, there could still be the chance someone else will post an embarrassing photo of you somewhere. (thanks a bunch, smartphones.)

When your name is Googled, do you want that photo your friend took of you drunk as a skunk at a party and shared all over Facebook and Twitter to now be what comes up? Sure, you can ask the friend to delete the photo, and if they truly are a friend, they will. But does that mean it’s gone? No. That photo can remain on social media and the Internet for a long time.

This photo can cost you a job. Your relationship. Your reputation.

So, if you’re at risk of having an unflattering photo of you taken and posted, you can either A) Stop being the party animal that people take pictures of at parties, or B) Read the following infographic from our friends at Who Is Hosting This and figure out how to get those unflattering photos removed.

Don’t let one night at a party become your forever mark on the Internet.


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