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How to Rank for Google Base Shopping Results

The whole purpose of search engine optimization is to increase traffic, and of course we know that top rankings in Google results produce more traffic. But how many of us, when searching for a product online, end up in Google’s “Shopping” results?

Often times, especially when your search query includes the word “buy,” the Shopping results for “motocross helmet” (for example) will show up in Google’s main Web search result, which conveniently allows shoppers to view a large selection of the product they want from various websites.

Google Base, aka Google Product/Shopping Results, provides shoppers with an easy way to find what they want and compare prices. And with the Shopping results often out-ranking the product’s own brand, it is obvious why getting your products listed here should be a top priority of all sites with product to sell. “But how exactly are these rankings achieved?” you might ask. Well, while you may think tradition SEO will work, internet marketing strategists would agree that Google’s organic search and Google’s shopping search results have little in common.

While Google keeps their relevancy algorithms private, they do admit that “Relevancy is a soft and fuzzy criteria,” so it’s important to carefully select truly relevant-to-your-product attributes and values before submitting your data feed. Google also provide some guidance via their Merchant Center Support, but there are definitely some notable SEO strategies that can really encourage better rankings in this arena. In no particular order, here are some key ranking factors for Google Products.

Bottom line, if you are selling product online, ranking in Google Product/Shopping/Base should be a top priority. Nowadays, few things in business are as important as your brand’s presence online. Set your site up for success by following some well established SEO strategies and enhancing your site with Google Checkout.

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