How to Quickly Unfollow Old Twitter Accounts

How to Mass Unfollow Old Twitter Acconts

If you have a sneaky suspicion that a great chunk of the people which you follow have remained Tweetless for some time, incapable of updating their accounts on a regular basis, then you might want to find a quick and efficient way to delete them. The answer to this problem lies in A site completely devoted to sifting through inactive Twitter accounts and allowing you to unfollow the accounts in a hassle-free manner.

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To access and use this service is a matter of simplicity. First, you visit Next, you click on the very noticeable button in the center of the screen that says ‘Sign in with Twitter.’ After logging into your Twitter account and allowing Untweeps access to your site, you are directed to a new Untweeps screen. This screen asks you to type in the maximum amount of days a Twitter account can be inactive before you consider to unfollow it. So, for instance, if you type in 9 days then all of the Twitter accounts that haven’t been updated within 9 days will be listed for you to unfollow.

Next, you are directed to a screen where all of the inactive accounts are listed out for you. Each of the dubbed ‘inactive’ accounts will be displayed next to a little white checkbox and the time of their last update. To unfollow an account, you simply check the white box. After you’ve checked all of the accounts you wish to unfollow, you click the ‘Unfollow Selected Tweeps’ button at the bottom of the page. The requests are then sent to Twitter API and the accounts are automatically removed from your ‘Following’ list.

The only snag with Untweeps is the fact that you have to pay $1.37 for every sweep listed under 14 days. So if you want to removed accounts that haven’t been updated in a week, then that’s going to cost you. But to be fair, Untweeps is giving you 3 free sweeps a month as long as they’re over 14 days. That seems reasonable enough.

Another slight snare is the fact that you must manually check every single white box of accounts that you want to remove. There is no “check all” button. This becomes a problem when you have results in the hundreds. Untweeps does offer you the suggestion of using a CheckFox plugin for Firefox to speed up the process.

While I have presented a few minor critiques for the service, Untweeps remains to be a successful and handy Twitter tool to have in your pocket. Overall, Untweeps is an uncomplicated way to remove stagnant Twitter accounts from your ‘Following’ list.

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