How to Optimize your Website for Mobile

Google still remains the dominant search engine, even in the mobile world
Google still remains the dominant search engine, even in the mobile world

At SEO Inc. we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game. And if you want to be even close with the game you’re going to need to create a well optimized site for mobile web browsers.

“38% of Americans now browse the Internet on a mobile phone and this number is only growing.”

Where to Start with Mobile Websites

When engaging in mobile SEO you have the option of optimizing your current site for mobile or creating a new site. In most cases, it is a better option to create a new site just for mobile. The reason being, if you simply optimize your existing site the functionality and structure may be too complicated for mobile browsing. The key to having a site which is conducive to mobile usability is keeping things simple. And while this trend is also increasing on the normal web, it is absolute vital for mobile success. While this is the case, deciding on whether to optimize your existing site or build a new mobile only site can be a lengthy discussion for some.

Quick Points Depending on your Approach

If you optimize your Current Site for Mobile

  • Externalize all CSS (not a bad idea on the normal web too 🙂
  • Use text links
  • No flash
  • Simplify the home page

If you create a Mobile Only Site

  • Create a sitemap for your mobile site
  • Make sure to use standard SEO best practices
  • Make sure your site is valid via W3C

Mobile SEO Best Practices

Make Sure your Website Renders Correctly on Mobile Devices

Possibility one of the most important things you can do is make sure that your website renders correctly in different mobile browsers. Your site should look the same on browsers being used on the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, etc. This is not always an easy task. The trick to this is keeping the site simple and making sure it adheres to all the subtleties across the board.

Ensure that your Website has Clear calls to Action

Any button on your mobile site should be large and in charge. Make sure that the buttons and calls to action really stand out. Also, eliminate any unnecessary text. The main goal of the site is to deliver the user with the info they need as quickly as possible. Furthermore, many times the person browsing your mobile site will never make it to the bottom. Make sure that your best info is listed high up on the site. The key to mobile, give the user what they are looking for fast before they bounce off your page.

A few Technical Aspects of Mobile SEO

These are just some introductory ideas into mobile optimization. Having a mobile presence and engaging in mobile SEO and usability refinement is becoming more important everyday. Keep an eye on this SEO blog for more posts on the subject.

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