How to Optimize for Google Product Search

Did you know that Google has an area where they sell products? Of course, they do, you chuckle to yourself, they have everything. We’ll all joking aside, this is a serious topic, because it can help you increase sales to your website, and that is what we are all about.

Google Product Optimization Factors

As usual, Google is relatively tight-lipped about what it takes to get products to the top of Google Product Search. To clarify, we are talking about this (see below).

Google Product Search

Here are the main factors to not only having your products show up but excelling in the Google product search index.

Product Title

Just like regular search engine optimization, you are going to want to place your keyword in the title strategically. This will increase your chances of ranking for that term.

Product Description

The product description is another factor for Google Product search engine optimization. Make sure your description also contains the keywords you would like to rank for.

Product Price

Price is a fairly significant factor in this equation. If your price is low, it will result in your product ranking higher.

Feed Attribute Data

Within your Google Product feed, whether it be XML or CSV, you have the option of adding specific fields that identify your product. Some of these fields are mandatory, and more are not, but the more accurate and information-rich identifiers you list, the more information Google will have to rank your product.

Product Identifiers


You must choose one of the four categories. Each category requests certain information.

  • Media (i.e., Music, Movies, Video Games): Must list either UPC, EAN or JAN see types of unique product identifiers
  • Books: ISBN (Either ISBN-10 or ISBN-13. Exceptions apply for books published before 1970.)
  • Apparel: Type of Brand
  • Custom made goods: Lucky, no identifiers are required at the moment.
  • All Other: You need to list at least 2 of the following: UPC, EAN, or JAN, Brand or MPN

The more data fields you fill out, the better!

Fresh Google Product Feed Data

Google wants to see this feed refreshed and resubmitted regularly. Make sure you set up a feed refresh, automatic crawl, and submission process for your feed. If you do this once a week or so, you should be in good shape.

Reviews of your Google Shopping Products

Getting positive reviews is one of the most critical factors. This also plays a role in organic search engine optimization in some ways, so you really can’t go wrong with reviews. Those being the case, reviews are critical to Google Product optimization. In particular, the Google product search engine likes Google Checkout reviews, go figure 🙂 Let’s take a look at reviews in the image below.

Google Product Reviews
Google Product Reviews

As we can see, Google Product SEO is a project within itself. However, with a little work in this area, you could be making more sales online before you know it.

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