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How to Moderate Facebook Comments on a Business Page

As Facebook continues to develop and grow, some discrepancies are becoming apparent between the available settings for Personal Profiles and Business Pages. The inconsistencies in the layout, customizability, etc. are particularly evident when trying to moderate the comments posted to your Business Page. Knowing how to control these profiles is vital from a social media marketing and overall reputation management standpoint.

Personal Profiles are Easy to Moderate

While there are some limitations, Facebook Business Pages can be Moderated to Some Extent

Facebook makes it easy to moderate virtually every setting on your Personal Profile. At first glance the layout can be a bit intimidating, but once you become more familiar with the site it’s pretty easy to navigate around and modify information and settings. This simplicity, however, does not carry over as well as you might hope to the newer, less customizable Business Page.

Business Pages Lack some Moderation Abilities

This first became clear to me when I attempted to moderate people’s ability to comment on pictures on a Business Page. Though photo comments can easily be moderated on your Personal Profile, (by going to account settings and modifying your privacy settings), an equivalent Business Page option has not yet been created. After some research, I was left with the understanding that moderating Business Page Photo Comments, specifically disabling people’s ability to comment on photos, must be done by contacting a Facebook representative and requesting that the Business Page be “Whitelisted”. After going through this process to accomplish a task as simple as blocking photo comments, I was interested in seeing what aspects of a Business Page, particularly comments on a Business Page, could actually be moderated by the page owner.

Two Ways to Moderate Facebook Business Pages

SEO Inc. has found that there are two basic ways to modify your Business Page’s Wall settings. You can either customize your “View Settings” – the way your page is viewed by people who visit it – or “Permissions” – the posting ability of fans of your Page.

Facebook Business Page View Settings Explained

The “View Settings” of your page can be modified in a few ways. First, you have control over the default way in which your Wall is presented to visitors. You can choose whether you want visitors to see everything that has been posted to your Wall, or only the comments that have been posted by the Page owner. You can also choose what tab you want visitors to land on when they arrive at your Page (Wall, Info, Photos, Discussion, etc.) This is a useful tool because you can make an interesting, eye-catching landing page for visitors, which gives you a better chance of turning viewers into fans.

Facebook Wall Permissions Explained

Facebook also lets you customize fans’ posting ability on various parts of your Business Page. You can choose whether or not fans of your page are allowed to write or post content, photos, videos, or links on your Business Page’s Wall. This is beneficial to your Page, as you can decide how much input your fans will have on your Page as a whole, which in turn determines how much communication is possible between your Business and your fans.

Advice for Advanced Facebook Moderation

Furthermore, if you don’t want to completely disable comments on your Fan Page, or if the process of contacting a Facebook representative seems like more than you want to undertake, there are still some easy options to moderate your Facebook comments and page. Make sure you regularly check on your Page – read comments, discussions, etc. – and post new content to spark interest in your business. If someone posts a negative comment about your company, or writes something that is not in line with your businesses’ overall values, simply go to the top right corner of the box and click “remove”. Conversely, if a fan posts something positive about your business that catches your eye, you can “like” it. This is an invaluable way of staying a part of the conversation with your fans. Not only will they see that you liked the post, but even if the comment is not posted to your Business Page you will still receive a notification every time someone responds to it.

Wrapping up Moderating Facebook

As Facebook continues to expand, there are more and more ways to get involved and join in the conversation. There are still plenty of ways that Facebook could be improved to better suit our needs, but in the meantime, keeping an eye on what people are saying and staying involved with your fans will get you far. As Business Pages continue to develop in the same way Personal Profiles have been developing for years, keep an eye open for new areas of customization. Until then, you’ll have to make do with the little ways Facebook lets you customize your page, and use whatever tricks you can for staying on top of the rest.

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