How to Make Content Curation Work for an SEO Strategy

What is Content Curation for an SEO Strategy

Content curation and Fresh content curation is the process of sorting large amounts of content and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The work involves discovering, gathering, performing, and publishing information.

Types of Content Curation

There are five types of content curation, and all of them have their place in your content strategy.

  1. Aggregation: This is curating the most relevant content on a topic and putting it into a single location. Aggregation collection is the most common form of content curation and is most likely what you’ll find when you see content curation tools and services online.
  2. Distillation: This particular content curation method requires more original content than the others because you’re separating all the chatter about a topic and creating a single piece that contains the most relevant and essential information about a topic.
  3. Elevation: This is taking a group of articles and making insights about it, thus elevating the value.
  4. Mashups: This involves taking several pieces of content and creating content around the topic featuring your original point of view.
  5. Chronology: Laying out content around a topic in a historical timeline.

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Google loves unique, new content implemented on your website. The more valuable and informative it is, the better. But, to continually produce that unique and fresh content on your own is difficult. It takes time, money, and other resources to provide content on your own. Creating primary content is easy, but creating the kind of material that the search engines love consistently, is hard. That’s where content curation or the process of using relevant content others have already created, to create your content, comes in.

Content curation allows you to find and share content that’s relevant and valuable to your users so you can keep them happy, without having to work on churning out quality content consistently. The more content you try to create on your own in a short time frame, the more you risk a decrease in quality.

 Benefits of Content Curation

  • Quickly create quality content without the time and effort that comes into creating a completely original piece.
  • Build your influence with your audience so you will perceive you as an authority. When you consistently share content that has value to your audience, mainly that doesn’t always originate with you, your audience will begin to respect your position in your industry.
  • Offer insights from other publishers not associated with your brand. When you regularly share content that you create, people start to think it’s all about promotion and sales, and will gradually begin to ignore you. Sharing content from other publishers shows that you have your audience’s interests in mind, giving them the confidence and reassurance they need to pay attention to what it is you have to say.

How to Curate Content

First, you’ll want to find high-quality publishers that provide valuable content relevant to your audience. You’ll want to add them to your RSS feed, or use tools like Feedly and to find content so you can keep an eye on the content that’s available to curate .from

Once you’ve seen a variety of pieces you want to include in your curated articles, you’ll want to share your thoughts or add a spin of your own to the content. That’s what makes it different from just sharing the content on your social media profiles or blog. By adding your commentary, you’re offering additional value compared to the original piece.

How Content Curation Helps SEO

By sharing content that links to only high-quality sources, and providing your content alongside it, you’re building an audience from those sources, too. Generally speaking, when you link to someone else’s content, they will share the fact that you connected to it with their audience. As you get a bigger audience, you’ll get more traffic to your website, which helps boost your SEO indirectly.

Content curation is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. And when you work with us for your SEO needs, we’ll develop a content marketing strategy that factors in the right curation to boost your SEO. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you.

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