How to Get your Page Ranked Number One in Facebook Search

The Facebook search engine is becoming increasingly popular. It is getting very advanced too especially with the Facebook open graph tags and their ability to co-exist with meta tags. There are so many new ins and outs; it is becoming more technical by the day and is already an integral social media optimization. Luckily, the criteria that determines ranking for branded terms and an unbranded term in Facebook search is not too complicated. While that is the case, it is also not completely refined. Let’s take a moment and discuss.

There are quite a few subtleties in Facebook search. Here are some quick points you may find interesting.

Pages you “Like” Show Up First

If you have “liked” a page, that page will show up in your search query, even if the search you are entering does not start with the first letter of the page. For example, if I put in “pap” it will bring up the closest matching page that I have “liked” first. So something such as, American Paper would show up first even if Paper America has more likes.

Number of “Likes” Matter

If your page has more “likes” it will show up higher in search, usually. However, this is not always the case. In certain situations a page with 20,000 “likes” may show up higher than a page with 80,000 “likes.” But if you have a lot of likes you should show up higher and be on that first page of results.

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Page Name is Critical

If you want to rank for something, you need to be sure that term is in your page name. The more succinct the page’s name the better. For example, if you want to rank for “surfing” you would want to only name your page surfing. Now it is important to consider here that if you want to rank for an extended version of the query such as Surfing Magazine, you will need to lengthen the page name. This is very similar to Google focused search engine optimization, in which, you can target multiple terms in a title, but may lose some ranking ability by expanding the title.


Facebook page authority is important to Google search engine optimization. The higher the authority of the Facebook page, the more the links being posted to the Facebook page will count in Google SEO rankings. Because of this, and other community marketing reasons, we want to make the pages as authoritative as possible. We also want them to be themed for the right keywords.

As of right now Facebook is clearly doing testing in their search space. It appears they are intentionally mixing results and trying to find the right search functionality for their business model. While that is the case, here is a basic list of factors that explain ranking results in Facebook search.

  • Has User Liked the Page
  • Number of Likes Page Has
  • Relevancy of Title to Query
  • Results Generally Display in the Following Order
    • People
    • Pages
    • Groups
    • Apps
    • Events
    • Web Results
    • Posts by Friends
    • Posts by Everyone

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