How to Fight Web Spam to Support SEO

Fight Web Spam to Support Your SEO

As the Internet becomes increasingly complex, and search engine rankings grow in their importance to online business vitality, the implications of web spam become all the more clear. The issue is, the better your rankings are for highly trafficked keywords, the greater your chance of being attacked by a web spammer, or set up for crime you didn’t commit.

What is Web Spam
First, what is web spam? Well, there are quite a few different kinds actually, however, for the purpose of this blog we are talking about spamdexing. Spamdexing, also known as search spam, search engine spam or web spam, involves spam that relates directly to the search engines. There are tons of online practices that search engines recognize as spam, keyword stuffing, hidden text, paid links, etc.

Why Web Spam is an Issue
I am not going to go into specifics, but people can hurt your websites search engine optimization with web spam. This is becoming an increasingly serious issue as it can be very hard to control. Google recently released an excellent blog on how to identify web spam. I thought it was a very good resource so I wanted to reference some of the links here.

Ways to Report Web Spam
URL Removal Tools
Malware Report Form
Paid Links Reporting Form
How to Report Linkspam

Google has been working hard to create new ways to simplify the web spam reporting process. Recently, they even launched an extension for chrome for reporting web spam.

According to Google, “The extension adds ‘Report spam’ links to search results and your Web History, taking you directly to the spam report form and autocompleting some form fields for you. With this extension, Google’s spam report form is always just one click away.”

So that is it. Web spam is here to stay, and it has massive implications for search engine optimization. If you need further help dealing with your web spam issue feel free to contact SEO Inc. It can be a very difficult process.

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