How to Deal with a Drop in Search Engine Traffic

When you lose traffic from search engine optimization it can hurt your business. The first thing you want to know is, “What Can I do to get my Traffic Back?” In this video by Matt Cutts, Head of WebSpam at Google, we hear how to deal with a loss of SEO traffic from Mr. SEO himself.

Key Points on Dealing with Loss in SEO Traffic

Step 1: Find out if your site is BlockedEnter and determine if you are completely not showing up in Google, or if only parts of your site are showing up. If you entire site is blocked, it could be a robots.txt or a no index that is blocking your website. Furthermore, you may see a warning that your site has been hacked or has malware. This can lead to a drop in traffic because people will not want to visit your site.

Step 2: Visit Webmaster ToolsWebmaster tools will feature diagnostic warnings regarding your site. If you see a warning, take the steps to fix the issue. You can also use the fetch as Googlebot feature in webmaster tools. This will allow you to see if Google can access your page.

Step 3: Visit Webmaster Forum
The Google Webmaster Forum allows you to ask experienced users any questions relating to Google you like. Visit this forum and ask others to help you solve the issue of your drop in traffic, or simply read the rich amount of information listed.

Step 4: Check the News and Other Search Engines
By checking the news on sites like our SEO blog you can determine whether this is an issue that is just affecting your site or an issue that is affecting multiple sites. Also, you may want to check your rankings in other search engines. This will help you determine whether it is an issue that only pertains to Google or if it pertains to multiple search engines.

Step 5: Consider Major Changes you Have Made
Have you changed hosting, your domain, your URLS, your design, your CMS or did you add AJAX? These changes and others when done incorrectly can hurt your rankings significantly.

Step 6: Do Reconsideration Request
If you believe that Google has removed you for the index, simply do a reconsideration request. Google will then reevaluate your website.

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Watch the Video: How to Deal with Lose of SEO Traffic?

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