How to Create Google Product Listing Ads

Google product listings ads are the new thing, especially now that Google product listings will no longer be free.

There are two ways to build a Google product listing campaign; you can do it either through Merchant Center or through AdWords.

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To Set of the Campaign through Merchant Center follow these Steps

  1. Login to Merchant Center
  2. Click on AdWords
  3. Provide Basic Information and Name your Campaign
  4. Enter Cost Per Click Bid and Daily Budget
  5. Provide Billing Information

You can also bill your product listing ads through AdWords, but you must link your Merchant Center and AdWords accounts.

To do this login to Merchant Center, expand settings and click on AdWords. Next enter your AdWords ID and click add.

Once you are in your AdWords account click on the campaign tab and select the New Campaigns button followed by Search Networks Only.

You will then select Product Listing Ads as the campaign type, name your campaign, select your targeting options and enter your bid. You also have to choose the ad extension to “Extend my ads with relevant product details from Google Merchant Center.”

Of course, being that we are SEO Inc., a 14 year old search marketing company with a reputation for quality work and innovation, we take things a step further. When asked how, Garry Grant our CEO made the following statement.

“We update the product feed to include the Adwords labels and or Adwords grouping attributes. These attributes are then populated with the lowest level attribute values that each product is associated with such as the sub category or product collection. We then create auto targets for each of the smallest segments available. This allows us to bid hundreds or thousands of closely related product segments independently. Otherwise the customer is just setting one bid for the entire product database and the more expensive or valuable products likely won’t have an opportunity to serve.”

Now that this area is paid, many people will want to learn how to create Google product listing ads. If you need help with your pay per click please learn more about our pay per click management.

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