How to Avoid the Google Caffeine Jitters

Avoid Google Caffeine Jitters

Recently Google began testing Google Caffeine within selected datacenters. It will be the most significant update to its ranking algorithm in the last five years.

Caffeine will be a new upgraded version of the Google search engine results. A study of the changes reveals that Google Caffeine will place a greater emphasis on fresh content, local results and social media. Most significantly, just as the name implies, for the first time Google will soon begin to judge websites based on the amount of time it takes a browser to load and refresh pages.

Therefore, moving forward, in order to compete for Google’s ranking’ results with search engine optimization services, websites need to be aware of the following:

  1. Page Speed. Every site should aim to have its pages load in less than three seconds. SEO Inc. recently launched our “Page Speed Accelerator” program that reduces the average page load time on our website from nearly eight seconds to under two seconds. Ultimately, this will place our clients in a competitive advantage over slower loading websites.
  2. Fresh Content. Organic or word-of-mouth buzz helps build your site’s reputation with both users and Google. It rarely materializes without “fresh” quality content. We strongly recommend weekly or daily content updates to encourage search engine spiders to crawl your site more frequently. Update your site content with blog posts, social media services, emails, forums, articles, and press releases.
  3. Social Media. Google results will place a larger emphasize on real time results from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Thus, website owners must stay active with corporate profiles and video syndication.
  4. Local Results. Local search and Google Maps are growing in importance. Google is trying to figure out how to more effectively introduce online searchers with businesses in their local markets. The criteria Google uses to list businesses in local search are completely separate and distinct from their organic search algorithms. Unique local strategies must be incorporated to capitalize on these opportunities.

In summary, faster websites that are frequently updated and integrated with content drawn from social media networks will help you thrive in a Google Caffeine world. What won’t change, though, are the fundamentals that have characterized search engine optimization in the last five years. Search engine success starts with code optimization, site architecture, optimized content, external link popularity and regular XML Sitemap submission. These elements are precursors to ranking highly in organic search results.

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