How Social Media Leads to Brand Evangelists [VIDEO]

Social Media Brand Evangelist [VIDEO]

There are many benefits to social media marketing. In fact, the list of reasons to engage in social media marketing grows everyday. This presentation focuses on how social media marketing leads to brand evangelists. The presentation describes the process of a customer going from knowing nothing about your brand, all the way to becoming your biggest fan and doing your marketing for you, becoming an evangelists or market maven if you will. Watch the video below.

So how does social media marketing lead to brand evangelism. Well, image you are on Facebook and you notice that one of your friends “likes” a post. This peaks your interest right? After some time you realize that your friend really likes this company, so eventually you like the company too. After some time getting messages and content from this company via social media you finally decide to make your first purchase. Assuming everything goes well and you remain a member of the community, you are eventually going to become a regular purchaser. After sometime you begin to really connect with the company and appreciate the content they create and the voice behind the marketing. Eventually you become a market maven or evangelist. When they come out with a new product you like it and tell your friends about it. When they publish new news you are interested, etc.

This is how social media works. It turns people who know nothing about your product into your biggest fans, who eventually do your marketing for you. We hope that you enjoyed the video above. If you have questions about social media marketing please add them below.

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