How Social Media Exposure Leads to Brand Evangelists

Social Media Exposure Leading to Brand Evangelists

People often seek a way to justify and analyze the social media case studies. And we at SEO Inc. are all for that, in fact, being online marketers ROI analysis and analytics, in general, are a part of our makeup. However, here we have a unique approach to social media in the initial stages, in that, we often use it to support our SEO efforts. But as our customers’ social media communities grow they always evolve into exciting marketing initiatives as well.

This is all neither here nor there. What I would like to focus on today is how social media marketing allows businesses to expose their brand to the consumer, following which, the brand is then given the opportunity to further the relationship until the point where the consumer becomes a purchaser and eventually an evangelist or market maven.

Although you can break this up anyway you like, I have chosen to lay it out in three steps.

social media cycle

Phase One

In this phase, the customer goes from knowing nothing about the brand to their first exposure. Social media marketing is an excellent way to make this first introduction. Being exposed to a brand for the first time by reading a blog post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn lets the consumer know that you are active online and provides them with a non-confrontational and valuable way to take a step closer towards your product.

Phase Two

Phase two is absolutely critical. At this point, they have been exposed to your brand, enjoy the messages you are broadcasting online, and have decided that they like your brand enough to make their first purchase. Assuming everything goes well, transitioning to the next phase should be very realistic.

Phase Three

Now it has taken you some time to reach phase three, right? You have gone from exposing your brand subtly to the customer to engage them with your online marketing to leading them towards their first purchase, all commonly known principals in customer acquisition. Now it is time to take it a step further. By providing them with excellent service during phase two, following up with all the necessary customer service-oriented emails, and by continuing to broadcast meaningful message via your connection on social media and other mediums, you can eventually lead them into phase three. Phase three is the target goal for your entire customer base. Eventually, you want all customers to be regular purchasers, to feel like they can always spend their money with you and be happy about it, and to be evangelists or market mavens. I mean what brand wouldn’t want people to be willing to do their marketing for them? Am I right?

Tying the Phases Together with Social

Social media marketing plays a critical role in every step of this process. In phase one, you make the introduction. In phase two you convert the introduction into a sale and in phase three you turn the buyer into a repeat purchaser and evangelist. Perhaps nothing is better than phase three and you can see the effects clearly in social media. You’ll know you’ve reached phase three, and you’ll know who the evangelist members of your demographics are when you post a message to your social sites and members of your community broadcast the message to their entire community. Creating the viral messaging effect we are all going after.

In summary, social media does have tremendous value in not only making that first introduction online, but in leading the customer towards an ultimate lasting relationship. In addition, it must never be forgotten the value social media brings to SEO.

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