How Google +1s Help YouTube Video Optimization

Google + is having a bigger impact on search engine optimization everyday and now it is altering results in the second biggest search engine in the world too, YouTube.

Log in to Google and visit YouTube and you may notice something different. Now you will see videos that people in your Google + network have +1ed front and center on the home page of YouTube. This is very similar to the way that Google is dealing with search results that have been +1ed. It is all about personalization via Google + at this point. You can see an example of this new YouTube development below.

Watch a Short Video on Google + YouTube Optimization

This development has massive implications for YouTube video marketing. Let’s take a moment to consider this YouTube/Google + update. Say 10 people in your Google + network +1 your video. Let’s assume they have 50 connections each on Google + who visit YouTube. Each of these people will see your video on the home page (of course there is a limited amount of space on the home page so this would be dependent on how many shares had taken place in their network). This has just resulted in your video being exposed to 500 new people. Furthermore, if members of this new pool of YouTube viewers +1 your video the viral effect only continues.

YouTube Google Plus Results

These new personalized video results on YouTube really change the game of YouTube video marketing. It makes it just that much more important to get +1s for your videos.

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