How Google + Is Changing the Face of Search Engine Optimization

I’ve been saying this for a while; social media marketing and search engine optimization are not mutually exclusive. Both internet marketing tactics integrate seamlessly together, and if you understand strategies from both mediums and can create a synergy, your online exposure will be maximized. After watching developments with the Google + project and its effects on search results, it would appear that SEO and social are about to bond even closer together.

Effects on Search

So what are the effects of Google + on search results? Well, say I do a search for a “social media company.” If I am logged in to Google, I will of course see the regular search results. But at the bottom of the page there is something new, that being, basically anything related to the query that has received a +1 by an individual in one of my Google + circles.

Search for Social Media Company
Search for Social Media Company

Here we see Garry Grant, our CEO Google +1‘d a post we did on how to create a company social media policy.

Now if I do a search for SEO. I see similar listings at the bottom of the page.

Search for SEO
Search for SEO

Here we see that a couple of my contacts have +1 a web page that has to do with SEO, so now this is what I see.

So +1 has a large effect on your search results, right? But only if you are logged in to Google…

Google wants you to Always Be Logged In

That is right, Google wants you to always be logged in to a Google + account, and they are working hard to make it happen. For those of you who are using the Google + project now you know that the old Google account management interface is gone. In order to access Google technology such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc, you need to go to the individual sites.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a representative at Google last week. During our conversation I asked him, “What’s up with this account issue?” He responded by letting me know that Google is working on a new interface that will allow all accounts to be accessed via the Google + Project. This interface should be complete in a few weeks.

The key factor here is that we will need to access all Google products through some element of Google +. This makes it so that users will be forced to interact with the medium. This leads to more +1s, people staying logged in for longer and increased exposure to Google + Project modified search results.

Things are Always Changing in Search and Social

As we know, the online marketing space is always evolving. What is true today may not be true tomorrow. But based on the current structural climate, and the path that Google is laying out for social media enhanced SEO, it seems quite clear that the Google + Project is something to pay close attention to. It is an extremely viral component to search, which we will be happy to leverage for clients.

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