How Google Instant Previews Effect Search Engine Optimization

Have you heard yet? Google Instant released a new update today called Google Instant Preview and the modification to Google’s functionality has clear implications on CTR and user navigation satisfaction.

What is Google Instant Previews?

The basic concept is that Google now displays a website in a preview window when your scroll over a search query. The website preview window will display to the right of the query. Google’s hope is that this will allow users a glimpse at the page they will be visiting, so that they preview the webpage before they actually go through the trouble of opening the page.

Google feels that this is a natural progression. Google’s first initiative with Google Instant was to preview search results with the lighting fast auto display of query results. Now, we can simply scroll over one of the query results and be presented with a fairly true to life representation of the destination URL. Google Instant Previews can currently only be seen in Google Labs.


An Answer to Bing?

There has been tremendous speculation that this act by Google is an attempt to reclaim the spotlight from search engine innovator Bing. In recent months, Bing has made significant updates. Merging algorithms and business with Yahoo search, increasing integration with Facebook, and adding share buttons to query results, are just a few of the things Bing has done. The hungry search engine does have a display window of their own as well, this can been seen below.

seo-inc-search-resultsAccording Nielsen’s, in July, Google owned 64.2% of the search space while Yahoo owned 14.3% and Bing owned 13.6%. When combined, Yahoo and Bing, now partners, own 27.9% of online search.

More Insight on Google Instant Previews

Google Instant Previews are not visible nationwide yet, however, we should be seeing this update more clearly this week. With the implementation of previews, an attractive destination URL design and layout will be all the more important. If your information is not laid out clearly and your images are not big and beautiful, there is a good chance that people will never even visit your site. What previously would have been an increase in your bounce rate, will now never even be a bounce at all as users may not even click on your listing. This may be a good thing, as we could see a decrease in organic bounce rates as a result of this implementation. Funny how Google is not implementing this on paid search listings right? They want all the clicks they can get! 🙂

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