How Blogging Increases your Traffic for Search Engine Optimization

If you are new to internet marketing you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the all the terminology – blogs, PPC, SEO, social media, tag clouds, meta tags, opengraph tags, robots.txt – you get the picture. When you come into this world for the first time it can be hard to know who to trust, or what to believe, thats why your business needs the most professional SEO Consulting Services. So in this post we want to make one thing crystal clear, that being, blogging helps search engine optimization and drives traffic, you just need to know what you are doing. Allow us to explain…

Blogs Add New SEO Pages

If you set up your blog correctly, then each time you do a new post you are adding a new page to your website. Each post can be optimized for longtail, unique terms in your industry. This allows you to create new pages and new ranking possibilities. Furthermore, when you become a publisher of sorts, other bloggers around the web will notice your site and link back to you, raising the amount of inbound links to your site.

Blogging and Search Engine Optimization
Blogging and Search Engine Optimization

Blogging Brings Traffic

In the current web climate, when it is done correctly, blogging improves traffic. I can prove it and have over and over again. What if I told you that we have increase SEO Inc. traffic by 60% over the last 3 months just through blogging? It’s true. We have also delivered the same (many times better) results to our clients who diligently blog or use our in-house social media service. By actively blogging in an SEO friendly way you can greatly increase the traffic to your site for targeted keywords.

Things to Keep In Mind with Blogging and SEO

There are some very important things to keep in mind when blogging for traffic. Some of those are:

Make sure you have a keyword strategy: If you are targeting the wrong keywords you are wasting your time. What is the point of gaining traffic if it doesn’t convert!

Create an SEO friendly blog structure: If you do not have an SEO friendly blog structure, you might as well not blog at all. Without an SEO friendly blog, the search engines will not see any of your pages.

Promote with Social Media Marketing: If you are not promoting your blog through social media marketing and other means, it will have a low visibility. Without inbound links coming to your blog it will not grow in authority.


Blogging is now a vital component to SEO and keeping social media communities up to date. There are certain structural issues that must be addressed in order to bring search visibility to your blog. If you are blogging for SEO already, make sure you are doing things correctly and have a solid keyword based editorial calendar.

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