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How a Good Piece of SEO Content Can Grow your Business

At SEO Inc. we work very hard on search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC, website development, etc. But many people forget about our content development services, which we take great pride in. But why is content so important?

Sure you have heard it before, content is king but have you ever considered why people actually say that? It’s because one really good piece of content can make your website. It can put your website on the map! It can be the difference between 20 leads a month or 0 leads a month.

Types of SEO Content
Types of SEO Content

Of course there are many different kinds of content creation, including things such as blog posts, articles, press releases, infographics, videos, audio downloads, white papers, case studies, industry reports, etc. Each of these has the ability to accomplish a goal. First, I would like to take a quick look at the potential each piece of SEO copyrighting content offers. Next, we will quickly review a few pieces of SEO Inc. content and their distribution.

Top Types of SEO Content

Blog Posts – Add fresh content to your site, allow you to optimize for certain topics, give you the means to add fresh keywords, update your social media communities, when posted provide backlinks and increase your website’s internal linking.

Articles – We’re talking about external articles here… Allow you to build backlinks, become an authority on a topic and get exposure for your company.

Press Releases – Get a buzz going about your company, build backlinks, and announce your news and other great content.

Infographics – Create information-rich images that people want to link to, allow you to demonstrate your graphic skills and get a buzz going about a topic.

Videos – Add rich media to your website (which Google loves), allow you to get ranked in Google video search, can give you a presence on YouTube (if you use their player) and enhance the diversity of information on your website.

Audio Downloads – Can be great link bait, give people something of value and give people a great reason to visit your website.

Case studies, Whitepapers and Industry reports – Can allow you to generate leads, serve as excellent link bait and allow you to demonstrate in-depth knowledge.

Two Recent SEO Content Success Stories

In this section we would like to talk about two recent content success stories that relate to SEO Inc. marketing. But rest assured, we offer these same services to clients and have equally compelling stories on that front.

Search Engine Land Article

Our recent article on Search Engine Land became one of their most liked stories on Facebook. It also had great distribution on other networks.

  • Facebook – 78 likes x 130 average friends = 10,140 distribution
  • Tweets – 242 x 27 average followers = 6,534
  • Google + – 48 x 15 average followers = 720
  • LinkedIn Shares – 290 x 60 average connections = 17,400

Total distribution = 34,794 user accounts subjected to article

Google + Business Pages Whitepaper Download

We also recently offered a Google + business pages whitepaper download. This is a hot topic right now. As a result of this offering, we were able to generate over 30 leads for the website.

Summing it Up

Content is king and for good reason. SEO Inc. is dedicated to quality content, especially when it comes to our clients. Learn more about SEO Inc. content.

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