Google’s Top Secret Social Network Delayed Again

Google’s Top Secret Network Delayed Again

Did you know that Google has been working on a top secret social network, Google Me? It’s true. It’s such a secret that it is never discussed within the Google organization, except within the core development team. It’s such a big secret that if you even whisper Google Me and you are not part of the core team Google staff throws oranges at your for an entire day… The last parts not true, but Google Me is.

This is not the actual Google Me logo, this is just an ill attempt by an SEO guy who dabbles in PhotoShop
This is not the actual Google Me logo, this is just an ill attempt by an SEO guy who dabbles in PhotoShop

This social network, meant to rival the Facebook and Twitter’s of the world, has major implications for social media marketing and search engine optimization. But while it was set to launch in 2010, Google has just announced that the launch of this mysterious social network has been delayed yet again.

Speculation from social media news sites suggests that the Google social network is experiencing delays as a result of internal disagreements on design, purpose and execution. Not surprising. With the intense innovation and fierce competition in the space already Google needs to have some type of unique offering. Google knows this is the case and because of this there is a strong hint coming from Google that this social network will have implications on search engine optimization. Google has even said publicly already that they will be incorporating this new social network across Google. This may result in the network showing up in a number of places, Gmail, search, Google home pages, Buzz, etc.

This news of a search integrated Google social network at first glimpse seems to be a response to Bing’s addition of share buttons and integration with Facebook. But in reality, Google has had this project smoking under the hood for sometime. When Facebook came on the radar, Google began this project.

Many are referring to the name of the Google social network as Google Me. Now with a predicted launch date of early 2011, Google Me is right around the corner. And with possible implications on not only social media marketing, but also search engine optimization, you better make sure you have all your ducks in a row when this puppy launches, as it could have a large effect on online marketing and your business.

What do you think about Google Me? Can it rival Facebook?

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