Google’s New Manual Spam Actions Viewer

Google’s Manua Spam Actions Viewer

Google has launched a new feature in Webmaster Tools to streamline the reconsideration process. It will now remove all doubt from webmasters’ minds about whether or not the rankings are suffering because of manual action.

Google's Manual Actions Viewer

The new feature will help webmasters greatly. Google has stated that less than two percent of domains are removed manually because of spam, but for the webmasters who have been affected, the Manual Actions viewer will provide insight into the issues.

There are now two sections in the Manual Actions viewer: Site-wide matches and Partial matches. Under both headings, Google specifies what issue has caused the manual removal, from “thin content” to “pure spam”. The Partial section of the tool offers site owners a look at the specific pages that have been affected, such as those with thin content or keyword stuffing issues. Though there is a limit to 1,000 URLs in the Partial match section, which displays specific pages to the user, the limit should be more than enough for most sites.

In addition, Google has added a “Request a Review” button. Similar to the notes in a disavow file, the new feature will allow webmasters to thoroughly explain and communicate to Google what has been done concerning the penalties, and how the issue has been resolved.

The tool is available for use today under the “Search Traffic” tab in Google’s Webmaster Tools. Site owners can now check the status of their site at any time to see if there has been a manual spam action placed on the site. It is available in all languages that Google Webmaster Tools currently supports. Most of the time, viewers will see a message saying “No manual webspam actions found”. But for some webmasters, it could be the saving grace to finding, diagnosing, and solving a manual spam issue.

Google has been cracking down more and more on spam and poor linking tactics, and this new tool addition is just another example of the tightening requirements. Webmasters have been cleaning up links and removing spam, but the Manual Spam Actions Viewer will make this process much easier, and keep webmasters better informed. This ongoing effort to keep up communication between webmasters and Google is only further exemplified in the creation of the Manual Spam Actions Viewer.

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